Thursday, February 17, 2011

Communicate your product roadmap!

At my current company Tangram Software, we have hundreds of customers. And they all have expectations. Also, they continuously ask what our plans are. And potential new customers also ask us!

I want to share with you what I went through during the past few months.

First: for a product company, communicating your product roadmap openly with the market can be a little bit scary:
  • Competitive fear: Competitors can see your plans;
  • More deadlines: Once you communicate plans, you have to commit to it and make it real;
  • Vision required: The direction of your roadmap needs to be clear, which requires a product vision.
In my opinion, the post web2.0 era requires companies to open up and communicate, communicate, and communicate even more. A clear, honoust and realistic roadmap will be appreciated by everyone.

So I went ahead and did it: RIS roadmap 2011, ROOS and BOSS roadmap 2011 and Mentor roadmap 2011.

What about the scary bits?
  • Competitive fear? I believe that competition is mostly beaten by making our existing customers happy, so that is what focus on.
  • More deadlines? Making the plans a reality is what we need to do anyway with our roadmaps.
  • Vision required? We had the product vision for a long time already, because our company already exists 25 years and makes us understand the recruitment market very well.
Time to make these plans a reality. A busy year ahead ;-)

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