Thursday, October 8, 2009

Virtual team management

I read about research by Raymond Opdenakker into virtual/distributed development teams and why these teams are often more productive than traditionally managed development teams.

Interesting is his list of success factors, in short:

1. Clarity about the goals of the team

2. Empowerment, having the means to accomplish the goal (budget, time, technology)

3. Commitment for joint efforts, which means that decisions are taken together

4. Selection of team members: there is more momentum when they know each other well

Of course, these factors help any (agile) development team. It is my experience that these can only be accomplished truly if all influential stakeholders are aligned well. Conflicts in the surrounding environment of any team will easily break apart any of these four factors and ensure once again that things do not run smoothly.

This is why I believe another success factor play a major role here:

5. keep stakeholders and customer well aligned and well informed.

It does not matter whether this 5th point is addressed through project management, product ownership, management, or any other method. This is up to you, really.

I hope this helps!

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Pankaj said...

Good points. You may want to look at this basic video of a virtual team in action.

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