Thursday, October 22, 2009

This article runs in the Cloud so it is Good

We are getting near the end of 2009 and in the IT world the most abused term of the year has already become the term "Cloud"!

Why do I say that?

Today I read that Microsoft will offer consumers a "Cloud enabled Office version" or a "Desktop install of Office". Talk about marketeers abusing the term Cloud: this is simply a web-based version of office, hosted on Microsoft servers.

This means that any web-based application can call itself a Cloud application? Hmmm....

For me the Microsoft marketeers are now on the same level as the Sun marketeers of the past years. At Sun the marketeers dared to abuse the brand Java for any software that needed more selling, like the "Sun Java Desktop System" which had nothing to do with the Java programming language.

In my opinion, cloud computing should refer to the abstraction layer on top of traditional hosting, revolutionized by Amazon and others. Stop abusing it for any other usages please.

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