Monday, February 2, 2009

Poken - exchanging social networking profiles

There is a new, €14,95 costing, social networking hype: Poken. These are small USB-equipped characters:

Poken images

As a user you can program it such that it knows your profile. When you hold it in front of another person's poken, it will exchange the profiles of both users, confirmed by a green light. When you come home, you plug your poken into your USB port and you have new "friends" in your social network.

OK, this whole idea will become a hype. It will work in the short term. Because people like gadgets like this, it is fun and new, and it profits from the social networking hype already going on. But in the end this is another gadget that you will forget to have around at the right now. So... no, this thing is deemed to fail in the long term.
A small hint for the poken company: try to find a way to get it inside everyone's mobile. That is a device that people already carry around all the time. How that would practically work might be a bit of an issue. :) But I'll leave that up to the Poken company.
Regardless, I might buy one for the fun of it. :)

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