Sunday, September 7, 2008

To chrome or not to chrome

So this week Google released its own web browser: Google Chrome.

I have been playing around with it, and am very impressed with its stability - and it performs really really well! The difference in webpage loading performance is very very noticeable and beats the experience with IE and Firefox in every way.

And the amazing thing is that it is caused by one simple fact: a fast performing Javascript engine. In a way you cannot imaging that all these years we have been browsing the web with outdated Javascript engines that could have been optimized years ago. The competition between Firefox and IE has not been sufficient to cause competition in that field, and that shows one thing: we should be very glad that there is a third very serious player in this market now.

The good news is that Firefox will soon release a similar performing javascript engine.

Final note: Google Chrome does have compatibility issues with various websites (including this WordPress installation's admin site), so Firefox as backup browser will be my way of browsing the web for now.

Long story short, if you haven't already tried it: Try Google Chrome!

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