Saturday, October 20, 2007

Gmail, Google Apps, increasing Gigabytes

Today I decided it was time to do it, and modify all my domain's MX records to point to Google Apps.

I had a few 100 MBs of email archives lying around, mainly in existing GMail accounts. Importing the existing GMail archive into the new Google Apps email account turns out to be simple: In the new Google Apps email account I simply configured a POP account pointing to

Very nice: I noticed that both gmail and google apps report more and more Gigabytes of storage per hour now - Google is upgrading available user storage today! It was 2 GB earlier today, and now it has doubled already. Since Hotmail offers 5 GB standard, and Yahoomail unlimited storage, they had to do something of course.

So far, Google Apps has blown me away: it was very easy to get my own branded environment and setup multiple user accounts. For businesses this must be very attractive! It is too bad that Google Apps will always show google as domain when working with it; your own URLs can be setup as starting URLs (simply add CNAME records for that), but those will redirect to google as soon as you are working. Other thing is that it would be nice if more of the look&feel could be customized, even if it was just background and a header/footer.

I can recommend Google Apps to anyone looking for a good mail/calendar/documents solution for private or small business use.

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