Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Antmod 1.3.2 is out!

The past weeks have been crazy: at work I am facing a possible takeover of Tiscali (where I am development manager right now) and in private life I am facing a really cute new baby-girl called Liselotte. Life is good and busy!

Even so I have found some spare time to create a minor feature enhancement release of Antmod. The most important thing is that it supports the latest release of Subversion (subversion 1.4). Other features have been added as well, read more at http://antmod.net/.

The next months I will focus my spare "open-source time" on possible combinations of Antmod, Ivy and Maven and see what the best options are there. But even without my efforts there, I feel Antmod itself is one of the best Ant-based systems out there. Naturally of course, because I made it. :)


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