Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Antmod: alive and kicking

The past weeks have been busy in my 'new' life as manager IT Development at Tiscali Netherlands. Time to seriously pay attention to the open source project Antmod hasn't been there.

I still believe strongly in the concepts behind Antmod: an automated and well-thought through repository management system, strongly tied to build and release management. CVS and Subversion, or any other repository, can be plugged in and be joined together for any product development required. Ant buildfiles for creating the builds. XML release descriptors for describing what the products are composed of. Great!

I will be creating another official Antmod release. And it will be robust and great to use. The thing is it needs one or two enthusiastic developers that pay serious time to it. Next to this, the latest developments around Maven2 are so nice that my vision is that we should supply Antmod's power as Maven2 plugins and thus utilize the enormous acitivities around Maven2.

So you have some time left: join as Antmod developer and help build Antmod's future!

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